Frequently Asked Questions
What is Dreamr? Dreamr is a new type of social media that moves away from infinite time-wasting and slaving away at the behest of algorithms to compete for attention. We are building a platform for people to practically pursue their biggest dreams, where you and your dream are at the center of the experience, with the tools and features needed to take the next steps.
How do I use Dreamr to follow my dreams? Users can begin their journey by Declaring their Dreams. It's a very powerful thing to Declare a Dream and that is why it is one of the first steps in creating a profile. Once a dream has been declared and the profile completed, users are free to browse a world of dreams submitted by people all over the world! The next step is to build your tribe.
What is a tribe? Your tribe is your community of connections. The group of like-minded people who share in your dreams to offer mentorship, connections, knowledge, or just moral support along your way. A dream can be a long journey and having a tribe of people to help and encourage you are paramount to reaching your dream.
What is DMR? DMR (Dreamr Platform Token) is an ERC-20 token that will provide 2 main functions on the Dreamr platform. Holding DMR in the wallet associated with a user profile unlocks the status benefits of Dreamr+, the branded name signifying the app’s premium set of features.
Second, DMR will serve as a governance token overseeing the responsible use of the technology that the Dreamr team develops, as well as user privacy and rights within the Dreamr ecosystem.
What does Governance mean? Platform governance is the keystone feature of the DMR platform token. Once 20% of the total DMR supply is distributed to community members on the Dreamr platform, the tokens will assume their voting utility in Dreamr platform governance. It will allow users of Dreamr to have a real say in the platform's future.
What is GDP? The Dreamr rewards program, called Giving Dreams Power or “GDP”, will award DMR to users who complete groups of milestones (called Tiers) based on actions taken towards completing their dreams within the app. Points generated by users performing actions towards achieving their own dream, or supporting another user’s dream, are called GDP (Giving Dreams Power).
What is the Dream Machine Foundation? The Dream Machine Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Dreamr ecosystem. It is a fully licensed 501(c)3 charity.
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