Dreamr Ecosystem

Dreamr Platform Token ($DMR)

Dreamr Platform Token


  • Name: Dreamr Platform Token
  • Symbol: $DMR
  • Network: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 210,000,000
  • Contract Addresses:
    • ETH: 0xf74941046389c78f12fe44784c0ec9ca7ceb7dc2
    • Polygon: 0x955ce23f20217a6aa205620b40ede4c9e83d325f

Use Cases

An Ethereum wallet address is generated for every Dreamr App registered username.
The token utility is as follows:
  • Governance: $DMR will serve as a technology governance token.
  • Staking: Staking $DMR will allow governance participation and simultaneously unlock premium features on the Dreamr app (Dreamr+)
  • DreamStarter Launchpad: $DMR holders get early access to NFT and project funding rounds. DMR is also used as governance for the DreamStarter DAO
The DMR Token serves as a technology governance token, allowing holders to vote on matters such as, but not limited to, the technology road map of the Dreamr platform and proposed changes to; the Company’s privacy policy, actions taken with user data, or terms of service.
The primary function of Dreamr App users acquiring DMR is to “stake” or hold them in the Ethereum wallet address that is linked to the user’s Dreamr App account to unlock premium features within the app and participate in technology governance.
There are 210,000,000 DMR that will be distributed between Dreamr’s GDP Community Rewards Program, private investors, project advisors, the dreamr team, and a company treasury reserve to fund the platform’s ongoing development over time. Dreamr will reward users of the DREAMR APP with DMR tokens by completing Tiers of milestones within the GDP Rewards Program. Once the user completes all the milestones within a Tier, they are automatically rewarded with DMR tokens deposited to the Ethereum address associated with their Dreamr account.
Percentage of Supply
Total DMR
Giving Dreams Power App Rewards
69,300,000 DMR
Private Sale (Accredited Non-U.S.)
25,000,000 DMR
Early Investor Bonus
10,000,000 DMR
Ambassadors & Partnerships
3,150,000 DMR
Team Incentives
8,000,000 DMR
5,250,000 DMR
Dreamr Labs Operations Treasury
89,300,00 DMR