Community Guidelines
Dreamr seeks to maintain a positive-sum thinking community. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, but there is always a bright side.

Greetings, dreamers!

Thank you for being a valuable member of the Dreamr community. As we continue to expand our dreams globally, these guidelines will also continue to evolve with us. If you’d like to share any suggestions or feedback to improve upon, please get in touch! We would love to hear from you.
We want Dreamr to be a safe place for authentic expression and inspiration. Have love and respect for everyone in the dreamr community. We request that you only post media you legally own or create, have the rights to, or are in the public domain. Do not post inappropriate, offensive, or illegal content. Don't spam people or post nudity and please respect the community.
The Guidelines
The dreamer's golden rule is to allow yourself to BE your unique self and, at the same time, give others the freedom to do the same.
Dreamr is a vast and diverse community of different ages, beliefs, and cultures populated and governed by you, the world's dreamers. Above all, fostering attitudes of inclusivity and acceptance are the two things that will allow all to dream in harmony.
We have dedicated and continue to commit countless hours to maintaining a safe and open environment for everyone.
The Dreamr Community Guidelines are in place to help everyone understand how to contribute to, enrich and ultimately protect our community. By using Dreamr, you agree to adhere to these guidelines and our terms of use. Using the dreamr platform in such a way that goes outside of these guidelines will result in the deletion of content, temporary bans, and disabling of accounts.
The Rules
Dreamr is a collaborative environment made up of people who have chosen to unite to support each others' dreams. We are cultivating a sacred place where people from all over the planet feel excited to declare their dream, grow their network, and pursue their passions. The following rules are fundamental for us to uphold within the community collectively.
  • Remember that declaring your dream is a vulnerable moment for everyone, especially if your current reality is not close to your vision. The dreamr community will not tolerate attacking or marginalizing people for their beliefs. Every dreamer deserves to dream within an experience free of bullying and harassment.
  • No dream is too big or too small. Dreamr relies on the community to keep the platform safe, fair, and inclusive for everyone. You may come across a dream you don’t like or agree with but doesn’t break the law or go against the community guidelines or terms of use. If that happens, you can block or disconnect with those users. Report a Nightmare if you see anyone violating the law or our policies.
  • Only share content you legally own or have a right to share.
  • Seek to connect with others who share an interest with or whose capabilities complement the dream you are pursuing. Additionally, seek out others you can assist in some way. It may seem nice to connect with everyone you think is doing something positive, but the idea is to use Dreamr's networking tools to quickly build your tribe, which will help you accelerate your dreams.
  • The Dreamr Community is diverse. Keep that in mind when posting content. Please post photos and videos that are appropriate for all audiences. We do not want to hinder the creative spirit of the Dreamr Community by censoring the way dreamrs express themselves. Some artistic nudity may be ok, but nudity will not be allowed in most cases.
  • No illegal activity. Offering the sale of illicit items or solicitation is strictly prohibited. Trying to advocate for people to join you in illegal activity will get you permanently banned.
We recognize how important it is for Dreamr to be a place where people feel empowered and supported. It is up to us (as a collective) to keep abuse and negativity off the platform. It's our goal to create an evolving and collaborative set of community standards that make the Dreamr platform a space that unites us all together and dissolves the illusion of separation. WAGMI💜
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