Dreamr is the community-first platform purposefully designed for those pursuing their dreams.

built by for dreamers, by dreamers 🚀 💫

Dreamr is a new kind of technology. Yes, we are building on the latest technology stacks, and the web3 revolution matches the vibe of our revolutionary spirit, so we're all in there, but that's not what we mean.
Dreamr is technology applied in new ways that are unique and subtle. You could say in ways that consider universal laws and manifestation mechanisms. Many factors come into play that can affect our ability to turn our dreams into reality. Most think it's just action and "hustle," but they are missing large parts of the picture. Examples of additional factors are the vibe of our environment and the qualities of our closest relationships.
The Universe itself is a form of advanced technology that we are just beginning to understand, often needing to look to the wisdom of ancient cultures for clues to what we intuitively know. But as a collective, we are beginning to see that on some level, our reality can be what we choose it to be.
Being community-first means that we do our best to only add value to our community members with our decisions (we won't be perfect at this). We are all connected (this is just facts, it's quantum), so we build products and experiment with technologies that can recognize and potentially leverage this truth. We intend to actively collaborate with our community to evolve Dreamr into its future versions and eventually leave Dreamr's future in the hands of DMR token holders. This "new kind of technology" thing is not something to think about too much, more to keep in the back of your mind. The focus should be on the simple first steps of 1) declaring your dream and 2) connecting with other dreamers!
Welcome to Dreamr 💜
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