DreamStarter NFT Launchpad
DreamStarter is a new decentralized NFT Launchpad for the Dreamr Ecosystem, governed by $DMR holders participating in the DreamStarter DAO from inception.
Introducing DreamStarter, a Decentralized NFT Launchpad for the Dreamr Ecosystem
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DreamStarter Announcement post on dreamuniverse.org


DreamStarter is a decentralized launchpad for the dreamr ecosystem with unique value creation mechanisms benefitting creators, project teams, and the dreamr community as a whole.
DreamStarter will be governed by a community-run DAO utilizing the Dreamr Platform Token (DMR) for governance and decision-making post-launch, as well as making it a requirement to stake DMR for exclusive early access to upcoming launches. The only way to participate in DreamStarter NFT launches is to hold $DMR in your wallet and connect to the platform.

Starting with NFTs

To kick off the launchpad, we will help artists and creatives on the dreamr app (with additional curation/submissions by the DAO) to turn their work into NFTs and launch their NFTs to the community on the DreamStarter Launchpad. DMR token holders will vote on the curated lists of creators & projects they would like to see DreamStarter support with a launch.

Staking DMR and Tier Levels

DreamStarter participants will stake DMR to get early access to NFT and project funding rounds. Staking DMR will provide access to different Tiers. More DMR staked = earlier access and more benefits.
Tier 1 - 1,000 DMR
Tier 2 - 25,000 DMR
Tier 3 - 50,000 DMR
Tier 4 - 100,000 DMR
Tier 5 - 250,000 DMR

Introducing the UNITY token

DreamStarter will incentivize long-term holding of assets for members of the community participating in the launch of NFT and tokenized projects. For every project launched on DreamStarter, there will be an opportunity to stake the NFTs/tokens received for pre-defined periods of time (30,60,90 days, etc.) and earn a yield in DreamStarter's rewards token $UNITY
UNITY token purpose and attributes:
  • UNITY will never be sold in an ICO or as an investment. The only opportunity to get UNITY without staking NFTs on DreamStarter is by participating in the initial CrowdPool campaign with a 90-day liquidity lock to help seed the initial Uniswap market after TGE.
  • When DreamStarter members choose to stake their assets in DreamStarter vaults, it will benefit creators & projects to know that their early contributors have a long-term view of their project and won’t be immediately hovering over the sell button after launch.
  • To reward contributors for staking their assets, DreamStarter will create a yield/reward pool to be paid in UNITY tokens. Other prizes/rewards from the project itself can be included in addition.
  • A portion of all yields paid in UNITY will be donated to The Dream Machine Foundation to support the dreamr ecosystem’s philanthropy initiatives.

Decentralized Structure

DreamStarter will be 100% governed by a DAO from the onset. Anyone holding Dreamr Platform Tokens $DMR is eligible to participate in The DreamStarter DAO. The DAO will govern the use of the DreamStarter treasury, and vote on changes to the initial management mechanisms of the Launchpad post-launch utilizing the DMR token.