Dreamr Ecosystem
$UNITY is a utility-yield token that will be used as a yield payment for DreamStarter NFT vaults and integrated within partner projects with the intent to unify the DreamStarter ecosystem of projects and create cross-promotions between these projects utilizing UNITY.
Every project launched on DreamStarter will be complimented with NFT Vaults for round participants to stake their NFTs for pre-defined periods of time (60,120,180 days, etc.) and earn a yield in $UNITY.
Projects launching on DreamStarter will be encouraged to integrate utility for $UNITY within their NFT project. Since the project's NFT holders will be receiving $UNITY for staking and providing value to the project, it will make a lot of sense for the project to develop a use case for UNITY. For projects that receive incubation by Dreamr Labs, integrating $UNITY in a creative way will be a requirement.
We are creating UNITY to stimulate continuity and collaborative development amongst projects launching on DreamStarter.
We look forward to seeing the innovative use cases that creators and projects come up with for $UNITY!
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